Saturday, 27 September 2014


Yes, it is true, YogaMatBag2 comes before YogaMat1. 

Well, hookers 
(yes, hookers, those ones who use hooks for hooking, not the ones who you were thinking about)
understand why, 
sometimes you just run out of yarn and it is difficult to get more.

It is my own design but I was inspired by Anna at her blog

For few years I have been thinking my YogaMats need bags. So far I had not done them because I was just thinking should I stitch one, or perhaps quilt... or just sew them... When I saw what Anna had made for her friend I knew that was something I will do too. And I think it is just fair to let you know where my inspiration came from.

I used Schachenmayr's Micro Grande yarn. It is 100% acrylic. (100g = 200m)

I am not a pink person. But I have ended up using pink in my sport stuff. Simply because I am teaching exercise in many different places on the same day so I need to get ready for the leave quite fast. To avoid losing my shoes, mats and bags I have ended up using the shades few or none use. The dressing rooms are crowded so it is easy to find your stuff if they can be noticed easily. Above all; I am a practical person. :)

I didn't make a strap because I have this bad habbit to get stuck on door handles and things like that. Not making a strap makes sure I must carry the YogaMatBag2 in my armpit which avoids accidents happen to the bag's structure.

I used the method familiar from GrannySquares so the bag is flexible and I can also carry my four soft balls in it if needed. :)

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