Sunday, 22 November 2020

Felt is practical

For couple of months I've been thinking what kind of things I create between the Tibetan singing bowls to prevent them clatter each other when piled up. Then I finally discovered it! I just cut off squares from the felt! WOW! What an idea!

I also made pads for them to stand on when playing. That makes them to vibrate better.

I made several sizes and shades. I used blanket stitches for the edges. The felts with figures I have received as a gift from a friend aboard. 

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Sounds of relaxation

This is a very special year. Because of COVID-19 we all must have face new things in our lives. Some of us 2020 has been hell, to the others just heaven. Some of us have faced the opportunity to brush up the life, pay attention on yourself and family; see what matters most etc. For myself this year has been extremely busy and challenging in professional way because of COVID-19 influences at my work. I must have learnt so many new things. 

It has been busy year also because since May I have been updating my pedagogical qualification. Those who know something about Finnish education system can understand it is not any kind of piece of  cake. 

In May I also found out I was granted a scholarship from Lapin opistopiiri for my long term education dream...

This September I've been up to "oriental sports" for 30 years. It is more a life style than a hobby. I've been up to martial arts but also yoga and Tibetan rites. I heard a gong play live at early 90's and fell in love into it. Since that my soul has longed for gong but also Tibetan singing bowls. Every now and then I have had a change to hear them play. 

2020 I finally bought me my first ever Tibetan singing bowls. They came to my arctic climate all the way from Nepal where they were handmade...

Since that I have been learning to play them and seeking opportunity to learn more. Because I live far from everything else but wild nature I need some funds to make my dream come true.

I found an excellent education considering how to play Tibetan singing bowls in responsible way. In Finland we have Peter Hess Ⓡ academy in Helsinki. That's why I applied for a scholarship for teachers education from Lapin opistopiiri. This year I have spent 3 weekends in Helsinki learning this method and became more aware about it how sensitive and fragile things we handle by playing Tibetan singing bowls and gongs.

A week ago I arrived home with my fen gong and its stand. I must admit I got several weird looks carrying them around in Helsinki.

A weekend education is always extra long to me. It means one night at the train when going and another night when coming. And in between, a hotel. That's why it is extra challenging to arrange the time and funds for the education like this.

Despite of all the trouble and effort it all has been worth of it. Even The Cat thinks so.

It is amazing how these good vibrations of sounds coming from the bowls and gong affect in relaxing way. The sound is always an invitation to which you can respond to or not; like my teacher Anne Matero from Medi-Sound has been telling me. I feel humble and privileged when my pets willingly arrive with enthusiastic spirit when they notice I am going to start to play. They set up themselves in a comfort way and just relax.

I feel so grateful I have had a change to learn to play these instruments under the education Peter Hess Ⓡ arranges. I can't wait to start my first lessons of relaxation at work. I do love my work. My organization Kivalo-opisto has also supported me in this education. By that support this education has became even more possible.

I send warm and caring thank you for everyone who made this possible!

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

In the spirit of the Nutcracker

Do you remember BraveGuard I stitched in March according to Lisa Reakes' cross stitch design? Now I've designed and sew a wall hanging which BraveGuard decorates. It is designed in the spirit of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020


I designed a new project and bought some Novita Elegia yarn (62% cotton, 35% acrylic, 3% polyamide) (150g = 443m) for it.

I crocheted GrannySquares of it and attached them to each other in a line. 

I finished the outside edges by Wetterhoff's Sivilla yarn (30% silk, 70% wool) (50g = 250m).

Sivilla is loose end yarn from my Knitted collar project

I love how the shades variage in the scarf because of the Elegia yarn. 

The scarf is a gift for the Christmas 2020.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020



Hop (Humulus lupus) has sedative effects. That is also one more reason to harvest it in my garden and dry it up. I wait until the cones start to dry up in the plant. When they are dry enough I pick up as much as fits in one baking tray, place it in our sauna and then let them dry up there 'til the end. No extra electricity is needed. Very eco-friendly.

This season I am using hop also in aroma therapeutic way. For that I need dried hop cones and left over fabric.

These sleeping pillows have a stunning scent. When you sleep with them the scent relaxes and calms down your sleep. Good sleep is a key to many things including physical and mental wellbeing.

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