Saturday, 2 June 2018


Dream of a dress has become true. The original design is from a Finnish sewing / craft magazine Suuri Käsityö (page 46, issue 5-6 / 2011) but I had to make "few" changes to the pattern.

I made the hem 24 cm wider, more space in the middle of the sleeves, more smocking at front, zipper opening at back and included lining. It meant I had to dive into the pattern, open it to pieces and make two sample dresses before getting on with the final one. But the result is great and worth of the trouble.

On these moments I am happy about My cloth & textile designer education! What ever we designed the teachers demanded us to make it all true; otherwise we failed the course! But wasn't I right in here. See how great the taft looks with the pattern! It is festive but not too much when we keep the length of the hem short.

What happens now? Well, I really would like to complete also the original design with jersey or something like that....

PS. Notice YoungLady's jewellery.
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