Monday, 16 April 2018


YoungLady needs a dress. Last weekend we went shopping but She could not find anything She liked. I truly wished She had. She made TheMEKKO two years ago and has been wearing it since. At the moment She is far too busy with Her graduation exams that She has no time for sewing. I made Her Turquoise Dress 3½ years ago. Both dresses are now far too small.

Because we could not find any dress for Her, She suggested a fabric shop. We had no design, no measurements... nothing... Just an idea in HerHead. So we went in, She found beautiful emerald green taft fabric. All they had was 1,43 m of it. I lift it all up next to Her and said "Well, we can do something like you want, it is just enough if I don't make mistakes."

At home I started to go through MyOldSewingMagazines and ended up to suggest this pattern to Her. As you know I do can make patterns OnMyOwn but to ease MyJob I decided to see if anything like that was available because She was not so unconditional about it all.

Look at the pic of the pattern. It is made for jersey / tricot fabric. But when you look at the smockings at front and by the sleeve cuttings and think the features of taft you start to think "Hey, why not, we might have something here." Jersey and tricot are both quite light and soft but taft is more thick and "self standing" so I think these smockings will create festive look for the pattern when used taft.

The best of all is you need just a bit more fabric we have. YoungLady wishes to have more wider skirt so you might say "no, that's not possible". BUT the taft we bought can be cut to both directions, there is no difference in the shine. If you look at the pattern setting guide you see I can just turn around the other pattern so that hems come to the both ends of the fabric and there I can find more space to make wider skirt! This is possible only then when the print, shine or structure of the fabric allows you to do so. (The sleeves I'll cut there were will be enough fabric left for them.)

It is Finnish sewing / craft magazine Suuri Käsityö (page 46, issue 5-6 / 2011).
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