Thursday, 15 February 2018

AAW SingleCable HandWarmers No7

So far this is the last pair of HandWarmers decorated by SingleCables. They are my own design but get inspired by your own imagination. Notice that with all these HandWarmers I have used 12 stitch on each needle (4+1 needles for knitting so it makes 48 stitches all together). I used 3 size knitting needles to make each pair. Each pair has also been photographed OnMyOwnHands. When you look at the pics you can see how the size and look varies depending on the used style. If you are not sure about the user's hands / arms, you can create a bit loose style like I have done with few.

Each pair includes "ThumbPart" because it keeps the thumb -of course- warmer but also because if you have arthritis or/and just do a lot by your own hands it is important to protect also your thumb from the cold. (Especially the lower thumb joint gets easily painful, like the muscles between the thumb and the wrist area too.) When you keep them warm and pamper by pure wool it prevents further problems.

Made of AAW.

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