Friday, 14 July 2017

BlingBling into MyLife

Do you remember that I was in London visiting The Spring Stitching & Knitting Show few months ago? I bought some metallic fibers from there. All these months I have been waiting for the change to take it all out and play with it.

With the metallic fibers I included some wool.

For adding the wool I need my wool cards. Aren't they pretty? He has designed and made them especially for me. The handles of the cards are perfect size for my tiny hands. The design of the handles are designed and made in the way that I get a lot support of them to get more power when carding.

I needed to card the wool to get just a thin layer of wool to be felt with the metallic fiber. The wool forms out like a web over the metallic fiber to keep it stay better on its place. At first I used needle felting to attach the metallic fibers to the base and then needle felting to place the wool web over it all. I used my needle felting mat and it worked just fine.

For this try-out I used old left over felt (from my mother-in-law which she had designed, made and gave to me to be used in my projects). It all sparkles out with fascinating touch. I am not sure yet what to do with it but I do have an idea about it...
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