Wednesday, 12 July 2017

AAW has new shade

Last March we sent again our ethic produced angora wool to the mill. At early July all those kilos of raw wool arrived back as a fine ready made yarn. Unfortunately because of the production's technical reasons the mill had to add FinnSheep wool to it. (I wish they had called us to ask about it so we could have arranged more ethic produced FinnSheep wool for the yarn!)

On these moments when you get your yarn out from the mill you see the point about fussing around the rabbits every single morning and night no matter was it +20 of -20 Celsius degrees (or even colder).

pale fog blue
50% our own ethic produced arctic angora wool
40% ethic produced FinnSheep wool
10% nylon
100g = 238m

New collection of AAW:
snag grey
40% our own ethic produced arctic angora wool
40% FinnSheep wool
(60% of FinnSheep wool is 100% sure ethic produced)
10% arctic dog wool
10% nylon
100g = 238m

I so L O V E them.

It all has natural shades, no chemicals and most of the fibers I know how they have been produced. Only for about total 16% of snag grey yarn I can not be sure about its origin but it still is natural shade without chemicals. Despite of that I am satisfied with the yarn AND have already started SantaClausFactory! 
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