Sunday, 12 June 2016

Re-hemming your valance -tutorial

As I told you before I have been going through a lot of stuff with my mom lately. Many things have been threw away. But I found perfect... well, almost perfect valance for my kitchen for the next winter season. The edge looked awful and untidy. I do like fringes but time had really made its job to these.

I took my scissors and cut off the fringe edge, used my serger to neaten it up and moved forward with my plan to save these valances which were made of proper old thick cotton.

I fold the edge to the backside.

Then I started to work with small problem. I wanted to fix it in the way that it can not be seen to the front side.

That's why I tack it in this way and was ready work again with the hem.

I used zigzag to fasten the factory made lace to decorate the valance. I usually fasten the lace in this way. The hem doesn't get too thick when lace is not on the fabric. Besides if the lace is very thin and light thick hem makes it look a bit lumpy.

I was so satisfied with the result. I paid 20€ of the lace. With that money it might have been able to buy cheap new valances for my kitchen windows. But on the other had not as proper thick fabric as this was. And; recycling is good way to save nature resources. Instead of whole new curtains I need just 5 meters of lace.

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