Friday, 17 June 2016

BodyButter -tutorial

There are many reasons to make your own BodyButter. Why I make it?

1.) To avoid chemicals. (Skin is our largest organ and it really does matter what you put on.)
2.) Very often on a sensitive skin the best products are the ones you can eat.
3.) It is much cheaper.

Usually I just buy a bottle of some oil for cooking and use it.

Sometimes I make BodyButter. This is how it happens.

I bought 425ml pack of Urtekram's cocoa oil. I melt it in a kettle and mixed in some thistle extract I made last August when I had some fun with thistles.  I poured it all into washed and dried milk carton and let it solidify in fridge. You can use for example olive or other oils to make the mix.

Then I chopped it to smaller pieces and wrapped to cellophane. I used tape to fasten it all. The crumbs I stored into old used can. I warmed them a bit to be able to smooth the crumbs in better.
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