Monday, 6 June 2016


The Fresh Green really tastes soooo good!

Yesterday was again a big day in my Angora Rabbit World. After full 16 weeks it had come time to shear the wool again. We have had the angoras now for over 2 years. It needed a lot of work even to get them here. But these two years have been fun, interesting, educating and really; worth of it despite I start every single morning by cleaning the rabbit waste. No matter was it -20 or + 20 Celsius degrees. But it is a job I want to do to be able to allow my rabbits happy life. You know animal rights are one of those things that are important to me.

Finally today I can reveal another secret. I have been holding on it since leap day 2016. We sent our own angora wool to a mill on the 29th of February 2016. At this time we used another mill than Salo-Angora because they were  not able to spin the yarn we wanted. But I really like their eco-friendly way of running the mill. Now we needed to use Pirtin Kehräämö because it was able to include 10% of nylon with the wool. This mill promised the yarn to be ready before summer but it was not. Officially it has been summer for few days.  Despite their custom service was not so good we are satisfied to their work with our wool. (We needed to contact few times to get what they promised few days late from the dead line.)

So, here it finally is!



It consists of 
50% our own ethic produced arctic angora wool
40% ethic produced FinnSheep wool
10% nylon

(10% of nylon to make it to be stronger; durable and lasting. Over 33% of angora wool to get its quality and features be shown up. Local FinnSheep because that was sheep wool quality I got and was sure no animals were suffering. Factory spinning to make the yarn better quality and not so fragile.)

Its natural shade is something we could call pale fog blue.
It feels silky and soft.
100g = 238m

And don't even ask how much one 100g floss would cost if it would be for sale! Simply too much to be sold. It is for our own use. My share of it is 5kg. It is my 2 years work with the angora rabbits. Worth of doing when you know from where you wool comes from and no rabbit has suffered because of the wool production. Vice versa; it is me who has been suffering most cleaning their waste when allowing rabbit life to them; me shearing their wool without hurting them. Me! And I am so happy I did it all to get this fabulous  AAW Arctic Angora Wool. Thank you so much my cute little rabbits!

PS. Don't forget OOW!

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