Monday, 14 May 2018


Hello everyone! How are we? What has happen since MyLastBlogPost? Well, well well... This year we made some kind of record with the snow. We had it for about 200 kg per each square meter. Yes, 200 kg on every single square meter of the ground. So, on the 4th of May we got pouring rain. Before that I still had much over half of MyGarden under 20-40 cm snow cover. We got also another day with pouring rain showers. It all means that today there are just tiny stubborn snow spots here and there in MyGarden. So, since MyLastBlogPost I've been gardening a lot.

Only few days ago all the waters got free from the ice. MySea Gulf of Bothnia had 70 cm thick ice cover and many ice breakers were still needed in May to keep industrial harbors open.

So far the floods are not as bad as expected... so far...

TheSnow belongs to our arctic spring. All the creatures are busy in breeding and nesting. DearNuka is sometimes a bit confused because of them. Remember, She was fixed, so She has no idea about it all...

These creatures don't mind if it is a bit chilly. They don't let the arctic climate to stop them. They are very determined.

I am happy to announce: It is not all about TheSnow anymore!

Spring is also a great time to make HomeMadeTea for the flu seasons. We pick up the annual growth buddings of the spruce. (You need permission for that from the land owner in Finland!!!) They need to be new, fresh and still light green. Then I just put them in tiny plastic bags and straight into freezer. I put ½ dl in one bag. It is one portion for one tea pot.

When you need them you can use them as frozen. When you pour the water over them make sure it is not boiling / too hot. Too hot water makes it all to taste just bitter and awful. After 3-5 minutes you have excellent drink for ease your stubborn flu.
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