Friday, 25 May 2018


I told you earlier about our records with the snow. It has turn out that despite we had hard and very snowy winter, the spring wants to make a great surprise. It seems we are going to have the warmest May than ever before during the history they have been recording & measuring it all. This pic is taken on the 14th of May.

On the 17th of May I was on a walk with Nuka. It was hot (+17 Celsius degrees) but we still found some snow in the woods.

My HoneyBerries started to blossom today. In UK -for example- the flowering time is late winter or early spring. In MyGarden it is late spring or early summer.

I have always claimed that MyGarden is the coldest of the area. What comes to Finland's climate zones it is mostly subarctic / boreal. But Finland is a long country and many local zones fit in. In practical that means that the garden of my mother-in-law locates just 350 meters far away and it is a lot warmer than mine.

This OldHouse was built on 40's. The OldLady of the House seemed to love gardening like I do. But after Her and before Me the garden run wild. Most of these years we have lived here I've been weeding and cleaning the garden. I have been keeping plants that have pop out. Finally after 9 years I know now what this flower on the pic above and below is. It is a clear proof of it that MyGarden is cold. It is RoseRoot!!! WOW!!! It grows in northemost & coldest areas of Finland... and obviously in MyGarden where it loves to stay by the warmest SouthSideWalls!!!!

Beautiful Primulas have been flowering for a week now! Usually it all happens slow but now it seems everything in the nature happens at the same time. Never before I have been weeding in May. Now I've done it already twice! It is very hard to believe that still 20 days ago the sea was still frozen.
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