Saturday, 7 April 2018


The ones who have been reading MyBlog for a longer time know already from the pic above that I am going to make something very extraordinary. I started MyBlog on January 2011. Here has never been, is not and won't ever be adverts. I hate adds, commercial mail and materialism. I don't get fees, payments or any refund about anything I write here on MyBlog. I want to keep this honest and fair. For those reasons I tell you now something I have discovered.

On January 2012 I had My coeliac disease diagnose about which you can read more at GlutenFreeZone. There are few things I've been missing since 2012. One is proper milk chocolate ice cream cone with crispy....

(no, not soft, I mean C R I S P Y !)

...wafer covered INSIDE by a layer of chocolate and the whole ice cream decorated by chocolate and hazelnuts. That has been incredible miserable thing to find despite it sounds very simple. Now I finally found out Lidl sells ones. They are not the ones which were my favorite since childhood but so far the best option and with them I can live on MyGlutenFree life.

Another great discovery has been that I finally found proper gluten free pizza which you can really eat without feel need to choke. This neither is like the ones you can have with gluten. But T H I S is something really worth of it. It is Dr.Oetker's new gluten free pizzas. I love Mozzarella. It is more expensive than Lidl's gluten free pizzas (I didn't like them, they too turn out more like a shoe sole than pizza) but really worth of it.

You can have 1 pack of Lidl's gluten free ice cream cones and 1 Dr.Oetker's gluten free pizza under 8€. If you need to serve tea for 4 that's enough. It makes max 2€ per person. And these are Finnish prices; I am sure elsewhere they are even cheaper. If you mix these two you can have low cost catering for friends to pop in for a cuppa without a stress. The best thing is these both are frozen so you can store them in your freezer for weeks.
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