Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Siiri needed a cover to hide Her when She has a free time. So I designed and sew Her a pretty case.

It is made of a piece of plastic fabric which I bought years years years ago at a sale. The piece had still the price on it. It had cost just 2€ and it all was just enough for Siiri's Cover. Really, there was not many square cm pieces to left over to be thrown away.

I used another bargain to sew the seams. I bought 25m of red-white bias tape on the autumn 2017. It all cost just 5€ and I really didn't use even half of it for Siiri's Cover.

Siiri has a handle to carry Her around so I needed to make also a practical cutting for it.

Siiri's pedal got also a case designed especially for Her by Me. ❤

I feared to fasten it to the CoverCase because it is plastic so I was afraid of it might rupture during the time. So I designed a separate case which I could fasten to Siiri to be carried with Her.

You can close it up by velcro. Now we both - I and Siiri- are very happy.
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