Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Here are two interesting items. A piece of a wall paper DearM from TheFarm sent for Me Y E A R S ago. (Thank you once more!) Since that I have been treasuring it with MyStamps I use for the correspondence. Every time I open the file of MyStamps I see TheBlueTit. It was a sample to show how beautiful wall paper She had found but I wanted to keep it and do something with it... To decorate something special with it.

Few days ago He had left a box of old small tools at the kitchen table. I asked why it is there. He said it is going to recycling bin. OH! How could He do so??? It is B L U E! It is T I N B O X! I looked inside and told Him to remove inner structure and wash it W E L L. And He was very kind and did so. Now I finally had a box for BlueTit!

Let's work with it!

Because it was a wall paper (= thick paper) at the end I decided to glue it at first on the box to make sure it stays forever.

Then I let it dry a bit.

Because I wanted it to be everlasting I finished the project by using decoupage glue over the picture. It formed out a protective cover over the paper.

Now it is finished and filled with MySmallKnittingEquipment. Isn't it sooooo beautiful!

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