Monday, 23 April 2018


What a beautiful and cost effective yarn Schachenmayr has made. It is KidLight with 38% nylon, 32% polyacryl and 30% mohair. I made a great bargain with this beautiful yarn and I have a lot of it now.

What makes it to be cost effective is that 100 g has 600 meters of yarn. For one sweater you need only two balls of this yarn. You are going to cry when you hear I paid just 2€ per 100 g ball of it. Yes, yes, yes, I bought M A N Y with the shades pale pink, white and grey.

Now I have tried it out. I made BabyBlanketNo7 by using PalePink shade. It is going to be a gift for a friend's baby.

It is very light but warm. Touching a cloud must feel like this blanket. It is my own design but you can find the basic idea to create similar seeing BlanketNo1 -tutorial. See also BlanketNo5 to find out how different kind of yarns create a different look to this basic and easy blanket idea.
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