Monday, 12 March 2018


Over 25 years ago I was for 1st time in MyLife in Greece. I got a certain amount of money to be used for MyOwnShopping during the whole holiday. I didn't find anything else interesting that I really wanted except this chess board.

Many souvenir shops sold them made of plastic or wood with Made In China label. But I wanted something real.

Because I had not much money I could afford a small one in a cheap pack. So I ended up to choose this one. I have not regret despite the time has ran over the pack more than once.

We have used the game a lot so the pack has faced several damages despite we have been taking good care of it.

I made a base for the chess board. Very easy and practical. And if it gets damaged it is easy to change again.

But the game needed something to cover it because the package had got broken and the base of the cover broken long time ago so I need to use the lid as a base cover. So I designed and sew a case for it.

I used felt for the lining, velcro to close it and decorated it by the same ribbon I used in BookBag No5.
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