Saturday, 6 January 2018

ChristmasTree 2017

Past years we have got our Christmas tree by Metsähallitus. It is Finland state-owned enterprise which use and develop state-owned land and water. You call to buy the 5,09€ permit to cut down a tree on a certain area. It is a great service they have developed! Here's few pics from our last ChristmasTreeAdventure.

The tree you desire for must locate by the road, not deeper in the woods. So, if you are not used to hike in the wild that is ok. You are not allowed to cut it down deeper anywhere but by the road.

Just look at His knife! Does it look familiar to you? I used it when designing Knife.

The tree is not allowed to be higher than 3m. There is also a practical purpose for this permit to cut down ChristmasTrees. It is part of the important thinning to make the forest grow better. When the trees are cut by the roads in this way it increases also traffic safety because the forest gets thinner by the road so people notice wild animals easier which may rush from the woods to the road. Of course it is a pity to crash at any animal by your car but reindeer and moose can be very dangerous because of their size.

Ta-dah, it's up there on the car!

She too likes to go into the woods. This year our adventure was placed in -15 Celsius degrees weather.

She could not live without going into the wild! When She gets HerAntennas on She knows where we are going to!

See how the wind has created the surface of the snow!
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