Saturday, 23 December 2017


Over a year ago I made SaddleCover for MyDearFriend. (At the end that white fabric turn out useful because it is old army fabric and easy to keep clean and care!)

This Christmas MyFriend will have a special gift. She'll have extra warm pads under Her leg wraps. I designed and made them. I used 100% sheep wool TeddyFabric and 100% mixed wool (FinnSheep & arctic dog wool) HomeMadeFelt. They are again very practical white ☺ for the RanchUse but these were the only shades available so they must do just fine. At the end they are machine washable so that's quite fine then. And they come for the use in cold arctic Finland at the end... not so muddy around here.

Cold does good after the exercise. These pads' meaning is to warm up the old joints and ligaments better to prevent damages before and during the exercises.
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