Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Despite this is not MyLastBlog post for this year I want to wish you all Very Merry Christmas Season! I wish you all will have happy, quiet and peaceful time. I also ask you to do some charity, not only ByXmas but when ever you can. Charity doesn't always need to be up to money donating. To someones that is the easiest way and of course it is needed too. But so is needed your time and sympathy. And not only by Xmas; it is needed all year around. Be polite, gentle and understanding. Don't judge, blame or throw stones at anyone. If you really really don't know people you don't know what they are up to; good or bad and for what reason. If you don't know or get confused; ask... and listen to it what they say. If you pick up just a word here and there you can get any message out of everything and it all get confused and mixed up.

PS. The fox is my own cross stitch design and there's a little bit of bling bling on it to bring shine and glory into the polar night darkness.

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