Friday, 22 December 2017

DecoupageGlassJars -tutorial

Need a low budget last minute gift idea for someone special by Christmas? Here is one my own design decoupage project. You need empty glass jars (I am sure there's some in your or your mother's kitchen), a piece of fabric (I used BiasTape for the edges, see tutorial for HomeMade BiasTape), elastic band or ribbon, pictures, Decoupage glue and some sweets.

Before starting make sure the glass jars are clean and dry. You need pictures cut off from a thin paper or fabric. Make sure your glue is suitable for the materials. I didn't have glass glue but such universal decoupage glue for paper, wood and all the surfaces that can be paint. It seems to work just fine with these decoration glass jars. I was afraid of it won't stay on with the picture.

Cover the table by newspapers. Then apply the glue by a paintbrush on the jar and background of the picture. Place the picture on the glass and apply the glue all over it. Let it dry a bit and apply the glue twice more.

While waiting it all dry out proper make the fabric cover to decorate the lid. You can also just cut off the fabric and fray the edges a bit.

Use elastic band or ribbon to fasten the fabric on to the jar. You can also use a cut off fabric ribbon. It will look pretty and rustic.

Place in what ever you desire; sweets, buttons, ribbons... And ta-dah: it's ready to be given away to make a happy smile.
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