Wednesday, 13 December 2017

AAW Owl No1 HandWarmers

This time I designed and knit something for MySelf. It is a pair of HandWarmers to keep my hands, wrists and arms warm during the cold, long and dark arctic nights. Sleeping in a bit cooler temperature makes your dream better but also saves the energy and so it is quite ecological thing to do. In my bedroom the temperature is just +18 Celsius degrees. That is great to guarantee deep good sleep. But keeping your hands warm makes good to prevent and ease muscle and joint pain.

I used our own AAW yarn so I can have MyAngoraRabbits in MyBed all night along! The yarn has 50% of our own ethic produced angora wool so these HandWarmers are extremely warm.

I used HorseShoeCable to create the snag on which the owl rests. Just look at the owl's eyes. Aren't they really nice and real looking? I must tell you these are recycled buttons I've saved (can't remember from which cloth I took them) and only now -when seeking buttons for the owls- noticed how they actually look a lot like an eye!


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