Saturday, 30 September 2017

In Love With Pewter Work

This weekend was for SilverWorkCourse. This time YoungLady came with us so it was lovely weekend all together. He did this VikingKnit by using 0,3 size 999 SilverWire for it. YoungLady started similar project but didn't finish it yet. I did similar on 2015 by using 0,6 size 925 SterlingSilverWire. You can see they look different despite they are made by using the same method.

If you remember we traveled to Crete on the last June. At The Monastery of Arkadi I had an idea about it what I want to learn next in silver work.

It is ThePewterWork! This one is my second practicing work. This is not finished yet. I'll get back to it on the next December when we will have more silver work lessons.

This one is finished. They both are my own design bookmarks but I got a lot of advising help from the teacher and Him. I used tombac pieces to practice at first before getting on the real project I've planned... I had not planned to do any practicing -ha ha ha- but it was smart thing to do. So I designed these in five minutes to get started.
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