Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I made YellowGardenSachet for another little birthday. It is filled with rose petals like in the tutorial. It is my own design but as you can see; very easy to make your own. I used -again- left over materials. The yellow ribbon is actually from  gift pack. I always save even the ribbons if they are still tidy and proper for card making or sewing.

TheLittleGiftBag is also recycled. I got it with SomeSoap I bought on the last October. You can see the paper bag on the background of the last pic on that blog post. 😊

Most rational stamp I have ever bought is this "Handmade" you see on the home made card. I make MyOwnCards for two resons and they both are good.

1.) You can get very personalized and unique cards by doing them by yourself.

2.) Cards can be relatively expensive around here. 5€ per card is an average  price for folded printed cards. Only Xmas cards you can find on sale like 5 for 1€. When you make your own cards by using imagination and recycled materials you can save a lot of money; not to mention the nature resources.

PS. When you view the web version and click "card making" label on the right you can see many more ideas for card making.
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