Sunday, 20 August 2017

Scarecrow -tutorial

Every year we who love, can and need to grow something in our gardens face the annual problem: "How to keep your crop yourself?!" There are so many other hungry creatures on the planet earth who would like to eat it. It is never-ending fight about your rights on your own cultivation!

In MyGarden I have solved this problem out quite permanent now I think. The biggest fight I go by the strawberries. The net to hide the strawberries itself doesn't solve the problem. Greedy birds try to go through it. This summer I had to kill three -by my own hands- who had get caught to it! That's why I made more special arrangements. I want all the birds to stay a bit further.

Other fight I have by my two saskatoons. They can not be so common around here because the birds seem to think when they are red (=RAW!!!) they are perfect. When they turn out almost to black they are matured but after fading delicious red the birds loose their interest towards my saskatoons. The problem is to secure the raw berries.

My saskatons are very small despite I've had them for 8 years now! They arrived very tiny from a gardener shop mail outlet sale. They are Canadian related and should be able to grow here. But the local climate in MyGarden is so cold that neither my SIBERIAN blackberries have been successful. They are alive but not growing and producing like they should EVEN they grow on the warmest place! So my saskatoons have not been producing much. Only last year I started to get something so I covered them by a net. Taking the net down turn out a bit difficult so now I used old VHS tape like I did with my apple trees.

TheBirds don't mind MyAppleTrees BUT they use their branches as resting place. Last Autumn I saw incredible happening when a house sparrow landed on a branch and the branch BROKE OFF! You can image how confused the sparrow was about the accident. I asked about Her if She had eaten too many berries of mine. She was dumbfounded and could not do anything but shake Her head and finally fly away! So, that's why I have decided to put scarecrows also on MyAppleTrees when they have apples on! They obviously can not stand any more extra weight. (We also support the branches.)

I do have 4 apple and 1 crabapple trees in my garden. On the video below you see a real apple tree  of mine but notice how small it is up here in the north. The crabapple tree "Rescue" I plant just few days ago. My apple trees are Pirja, Cinnamon Spice, Bright White and Borgovskoje.

Making Scarecrow has never been this easy! And they do work. See the video to notice how I hang them both. The birds fear the blinks these scarecrows cause. Also the sound of VHS tapes in the wind fears them. Never leave your Scarecrows in the garden over the year. Put them on only when needed and take immediately away when you harvest so that the birds can not get used to them and loose their fear.

I never take all the crop to MySelf. I share a bit with friends but also leave something on. It is a traditional habit. You need to leave something for the spirits too so that they take care of your garden. If you don't believe in the spirits and sprites just leave something for the birds and hedgehogs. They come to eat the rest and at the same time eat the bugs too which could destroy your crop next year. By using this old method I have never needed chemicals for bugs or anything in MyGarden. At the end they all -we all- belong together and should leave in peace.

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