Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Sachet -tutorial

This time of the year is an excellent season of making sachets. I picked up 5 dl of rose petals in MyGarden. I included 4 different roses. I didn't need to dry the petals in any special way because I picked up the ones which blossom had fade away, almost fell off. I left them to dry more in my sunny veranda for one week. When you collect them, don't squeeze them, just keep it all loose.

Then I went to my cotton fabric box. I had saved these tiny pieces of beautiful fabric. They are left over pieces from my previous project which I did According to Tone Finnager. Only now I started to feel at the end it was worth of saving these small pieces for over three years.

There was so little left that -to be honest- I need to consider it for a while how to make this project true! This is the result how I -at the end- decided to arrange them. To be honest, only few tiny pieces were thrown at the end into the bin... the ones that were left after my own design and cutting...

You can use just one piece of fabric or make a patchwork of pretty left over pieces. If you make a patchwork remember to iron the seams open. The finished size of my patchwork is 20 x 14 cm (including outside edge 1 cm seam allowances). The only demand for the fabric quality is that it needs to be a bit thin so that the scent can easier get through the fibers.

Then I just fold it and sew around the edges. Notice that I left a hole on the down left corner. It needs to be there to be able turn out the work and fill in. It can be left at any place. I put it there because I saw it easiest in that way because of the seams and ribbons I had made and use when creating the patchwork.

Then I just turn it up, ironed it once more, filled in the rose petals and closed the hole by tiny stitches.

To make this sachet true I used only all the left over materials I have stored during the years for my craft projects.

The finished size of the sachet is 9 x 12 cm but you can make yours at any size. I put in all the 5 dl of the petals and it was proper amount of them into a sachet sized like this. It could have been a bit bigger or smaller -but not much- still to be just fine with 5 dl of rose petals.

As you can see I made the both sides look different. Well, it is funny and pretty but also because I was forced by the fact I really had no more of these fabrics.

I found also a pretty gift bag for the sachet which was exactly the right size. Also this item I've been saving for years to find the right purpose for it! Now it all is packed up for a birthday party.

Making your own sachet is easy, funny and low cost way to get a beautiful scent for your own use or to create a pretty low cost gift for someone special. You can put your potpourri also into a bag that can be closed and opened. See the one I pictured two years ago.

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