Thursday, 17 August 2017

AAW Mittens No2

I have knit another pair of AAW Mittens. AAW Mittens No1 are similar Lappish style but a bit more decorative. Both are my own design but as you can see there is nothing extraordinary in them and my design with them base on the traditional style.

These are small size and the count bases on the method 10 per needle (4 needles), 1 round, stripe, 10 rounds, stripe, 20 rounds, space for the thumb, 20 rounds and starting the end bit. Thumb is for 8+1 and 8+1 on both needles, 15 rounds and then start of the end bit. To get the right dimensions for your socks and mittens is a lot up to maths. I makes it all symmetric and usually fits on better in that way. We don't think about it but the nature is full of mathematical symmetry.

I used both shades of our own arctic angora wool AAW. After finishing this pair I started new similar. See, Santa Claus Factory is working on hard at this time of the year. All the gifts he shares can not be made in one polar night.
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