Monday, 1 May 2017


My MayDayWeekend included afternoon at Lapin Ratsastuskeskus Oy which is a horse riding center you meet me most. It doesn't support me any financial or commercial way, it just is a great place where I like to go.

I especially love to meet Her dusty face at there. (I really do not envy people who own a white horse!)

The birds have started to arrive which amuse Her days. She is indoor cat and could not cope in any other ways because of Her disease (photosensitive epilepsy). I bet magpies would have a lot of fun by bullying at Her.

Nuka loves the snow and She doesn't mind it's still there!

She really can take everything out of it!

But there are areas where She MUST be chained... matter how hard She'd love to run free with Her hunting instinct.
(And Yes, I do wear a helmet; we all should if we are biking!)
(I left my bike by the road ☺)

The sea is still frozen but you can find some open places too.

More and more birds keep on arriving.

They seem to cope well with the ice.

It all looks very bright when it is sunny and the birds seem not to feel cold!

Some of them keep going on northern and someones stay and nest. No one seems to remember a year when we had this much snow still at MayDayTime! We do have it always all the way until the end of May in the woods and shadow places; but not this much at this time. It must be the climate change.

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