Sunday, 16 April 2017


EasterTime has included chilly mornings. The warmth of the day turns the thermometer upside down so the sun can melt the snow. One of my flowerbeds can be seen already. It doesn't snow so much anymore so we can easily see who was there and walked through my garden!

TheSpring is here. Despite the snow still covers my garden the bare ground can be seen on few places, like under my oldest & biggest currant bush.

I really wish you all had wonderful EasterTime with a lot of sweets & chocolate! This is MrW's bag. He is visiting us over Easter so I made him a small back to be taken home.

As you may already know in Finland rooster lays eggs made of chocolate. The best place for the rooster is a warm hat that reminds him about a nest. He comes during the night between Easter Saturday and Sunday when everyone are sleeping. If he was there you can find chocolate eggs on the Easter Sunday morning from the nest you made for him.
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