Sunday, 9 April 2017


TerraceSeason has been opened! Well, I sat there in my ArcticWinterOverall with hot mug of black tea and a book. It was sunny and warm enough to enjoy about fresh air and freedom. It is ElectionDay in Finland. Far too often people don't vote. I think we all should who are allowed because far too many people are not allowed to vote around the world and all the elections are not free as we understand it here in WesternWorld.

My father-in-law gave me four pictures to be published here to show you. The sea is still frozen but it doesn't stop ships to sail; thanks to our IceBreakers.

What a bright day it was!

A hare in its WinterFur! It comes to dine by His bird feeder!

The swans knew the flow will melt the ice right now! How on earth they can know it so exactly well! How come they can know that if they arrive on Thursday on Friday there will be enough open water by the frozen sea?!

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