Friday, 3 June 2016

Andalusian Dream

 I have already finished my secret stitching project. Now I can tell it was up to Manic Street Preachers Forever Delayed album cover. Because I do know copy rights and respect them I can not show the pic of the finished project. We did it for our own purposes and Dear E loves her gift very much. It is on her wall now. BUT I have been designing and stitching something else too whilst you were enjoying my freebie week last week. :)

It is BlackWork but is not. It includes double running stitches, back stitches and cross stitches. I used Madeira Lana too.
It for sure has four legs!

It was going to be beautiful Andalusian Horse. 

There you go! See, I told you, four legs!

But it got something else too...

It got even lining...

...and zipper!

It all turned out to be a pretty bag...

... which you can open, put thing is and take out and close up!

It is my own design. I used 14 Count Aida (terracotta shade). The white fabric is raw silk (noil). 

It is a graduation gift for another special high school girl who used to help a lot YougLady on the past times when she still was LittleLady and a beginner with horses.

Because this special high school girl visited Spain this spring and had a lot horse fun there I decided to create something connected to it too. I designed the Andalusian horse and added some lace of which Spain is also known.
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