Thursday, 19 July 2018

SvalbardSnuggle (part3)

If you've been following MyBlog for a bit longer you know I love churches. In Longyearbyen there is one. Of course I had to visit it. Svalbard church is open for 24 hours but please notice it is not allowed to stay over the night or accommodate yourself in there. The church has also its own Norwegian website Svalbard Kirke.

I was amazed by the color world of this church that provide shelter every hour on each day in its extremely demanding climate. It's filled with pastel shades. Usually you meet deep and strong shades in the churches. The shades have been chosen for pastel because in that way there will be an impression of light during the long & cold Polar Night season that lasts in Longyearbyen from October the 26th to February the 15th.

In the church there are plenty of room to sit and rest and warm yourself up. I just can't stop admiring the shades and decoration they have used!

It is a very beautiful and quiet place. I really really really would like to see it on the winter time!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

SvalbardSnuggle (part2)

Svalbard is not as isolated as you would think. It is not as primitive as you would think. We stayed in Radisson Blu Polar -hotel. Someone of our group has a bad back so we decided to make sure everything will be fine after outdoor adventures. We also needed to make sure I won't be starving because of my strict gluten free diet. Restaurant Nansen serves breakfast for the hotel but also the dinner starting from 6 pm (remember to make a reservation). The staff at Nansen is extremely friendly and professional. I had no troubles with my diet. If you are staying somewhere else you can still try the restaurant.

If you decide to stay in a camping area, hostel or apartment in Svalbard I am happy to tell there is no need to carry your own food from home all the way with you. There is a very good grocery shop Coop Svalbard. Just remember to leave your guns before going in. (Contact staff to leave your guns.)

Fruene cafe proves Longyearbyen is not out of civilization. They have also their own website but it is in Norwegian. They are also at FaceBook. The cafe has a great atmosphere and you are welcomed no matter are you a local or a tourist. It is an excellent place to have lunch or delicate (not gluten free).

Unfortunately they can't serve 100% gluten free products because they bake gluten stuff in the cafe. So, also their chocolate may contain traces of gluten. If you don't need to be so strict about it; go for it and try! It all looks very fascinating and they say it tastes great!

Monday, 16 July 2018

SvalbardSnuggle (part 1)

I've been very far and very away. 

I've been in Longyearbyen,Svalbard in Norway. It is a place where many people go twice at the same time; for the 1st and the last time both on the same visit. We obviously belong to the other group of visitors. We need to go back! It is a beautiful little village in the arms of deep arctic heart where you really can snuggle up or hike outside whenever you desire.

It all calls out for an adventure BUT it is a place were human is not the head of the food chain. Polar bears are a serious threat and they do can eat you just like in the books and movies.

The climate itself places another threat. Going alone out there is not smart because the weather can change in a minute and push you into the trouble where it is up to the life and death.

In a blink of an eye fog -or snow storm- can hide it all what you just saw. It really can happen in a minute.

The nature is so alive in there despite no tree grows this north.

The nature creates for you the best alive breathtaking scenes.

In Longyearbyen there is a harbor by the fjord.

It is deep enough also for big cruisers. But if you ever dream to go there I truly recommend you to take a plane and stay longer that just for 12 hours with the cruiser. Most of tourists spend just few days there. Our journey was longer and we are very satisfied because of that. Now we had a change to see it all without crowds of tourists.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Only Flora

This floral bookmark reminds us about the summer gardens during the arctic winters we spend only dreaming about the colorful world.

The ribbon and button are from Karnaluks craft shop Tallinn, Estonia. The ribbon is quite thin so I used bias tape behind it to make it more thicker.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Heraldic Flora

This heraldic flora themed bookmark is made by -again- the ribbon and button I bought from Karnaluks craft shop in Tallinn, Estonia.

The button is beautiful and matches well with the ribbon. I didn't make the buttons and ribbons match to each others at the craft shop. I just collected everything I liked and trusted in it that they all will find their special places.
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