Monday, 15 July 2019

CreteDream (part16)

Crete has plenty of gorges to go and see the beautiful nature of the island. Samaria Gorge is big and challenging. Mili Gorge is smaller and easier to see. HopOn HopOff buss from Rethymno can take you there. It is easy to go there just to walk a half kilometer and visit the tavern and have a small adventure with your children. You do need proper walking ability to go there, but you can see quite beautiful scenes just with a short walk (with long stairs).

If you are curious to see more you can walk all the way down and back. That makes for about 6 km all together. But the way back is -of course- up hill. You can also walk only down hill. At the end there's a village and you can call a taxi there to drive you back to your accommodation place; if you want to avoid walking back to up hill.

In Mili Gorge you can pay attention to its flora and fauna and discover the magic of it.

Friday, 12 July 2019

CreteDream (part15)

Crete is full of caves. On 2017 we visited IdeonCave and SfentoniCave and on 2019 MatalaBeachCaves. If you have time to see only one but would like to see something great I recommend to see MelidoniCave.  I like its lightning because it is more natural than SfentoniCave. The entrance is open so the air feels better and easier to breath (SfentoniCave has closed entrance). The cave is also much higher than SfentoniCave. Unfortunately you need a good ability to walk (also stairs) when stepping down into MelidoniCave; but it is much easier to access than IdeonCave.

Can you spot a huge man on the pic? There is his head right above the center of the pic. He has a huge body and he seems to sit and think.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

CreteDream (part14)

Rethymno has few museums. They are not well adverted nor big but still they have something to show. In Rethymno The Venetian Fortress Fortezza has museums. 

Historical and Folk Art Museum -for sure- fascinates all craft lovers. It is not so big, so it is easy to go in and have a break to see what's up.

The Nekropolis of Armenoi is Minoan cemetery that locates 8 km south of Rethymno. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. Its treasures have been transferred and secured to Archeological Museum of Rethymno which too is a small indoor museum. I recommend you to see both; the nekropolis and museum.

Paleontological Museum definitely is a place you should bring all the LittlePeople who are interested about dinosaurs etc.  Again, a very small place but it is sometimes good if you want to educate children to get interested about the museums and history.


Here are five museums mentioned. Fortezza and Nekropolis of Armenoi can be very hot places but offer a great adventure also for school aged children. If you go to see them, remember to have a flash light to create better adventure! Notice that the prices are not high and they have also reduced fees for students and children get usually free ticket.

Monday, 8 July 2019

CreteDream (part13)

Matala Beach Caves are interesting to be seen and investigated. You need to pay few euro fee to get in. I think it is reasonable because on the other way people would go in to camp and none would be able to go and see the caves. Worth of paying and visiting.

Pack up some attitude for the filthy toilets, broken dressing rooms and huge crowds; then you'll be just fine. There are plenty of taverns and hotels which services you are of course able to use when being their customer.

It would be interesting to see this place in March or October when there are less people...

In Matala you can see beautiful street art on the walls and on the street, just look down where you walk. I think this is the best book shop advert I have ever seen!

Saturday, 6 July 2019

CreteDream (part12)

Hello hello hello! I am back! From Crete! We stayed in the same house as two years ago. That proves it is good. 😊 I am not going to show you the same places I did two years ago. Only the new ones we visited.

This is The Minoan Palace Phaistos. It is very interesting place. The location is a bit isolated so it is not crowded by the tourists like Palace of Knossos. Still there are proper toilets, souvenir shop and tavern; so, you'll be just fine there.

From the palace opens up great view down to the valley. It is very hot up there but you can find few shadow places and bring your water bottle.
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