Wednesday, 15 August 2018

BookBag No13

Shhh... I made BookBag for Him too. It is a gift so shut up and don't tell anything about it...

I fell in L O V E with this fabric which I crashed at a fabric shop when seeking "superlon" padding for MyLaptopCase. It is very thin but I used the left over fleece from BlingBlingSaddleCover for the lining. The other side of the fleece is HotPink but it can not be seen through this black thin quilting fabric.

Now it is hidden well in the house and waits to be wrapped and given away as a gift.

Sunday, 12 August 2018


I started this blog after doing lower university degree in health care / physiotherapy in December 2010. I love to study. I have studied a lot and little, every now and then. Now I'll be BackToSchool to study a lot. My aim is to do master degree in heath care (health education / physiotherapy). That's why I've been doing something special during this summer despite the heat weave we've faced and it has felt too hot to do anything -especially to sew something with padding! BUT finally it is finished so HOORRAY! Here comes MyLaptopCase because I need to carry MyLaptop with me to uni and back.

It is my own design.

Greetings and ThankYouHug 💜 to DearWalker!

VerySpecialGreetings and VerySpecialThankYouHug to DearFox! I told You I'll make something very special of them! ✌👩💖

I just L O V E these fabrics!

I  L O V E  gardening.

L O V E  sewing.

L O V E biking!

L O V E fresh outdoor air!

Here you can find proper tutorial how to make this easy without special squared paper.

It gives such a soft look!

I did it because I need a padded pocket for the important device that comes with laptop.

I put it at front side to keep them safe and prevent to flatten inside the case with the laptop itself.

L O V E MyTrueRealFriends!

Long velcro closes up the pocket.

Recycled zipper closes up TheLaptopCase.

TheLaptopCase has also extra padding and it is 1 cm thick "superlon"; the same you use for mattress but much thicker. You can't see it here in these pics but if you have experience in sewing, patchwork and quilting you can see there must be something else than just a "normal cottonwool" inside.

(There is also a small notebook pocket inside TheLaptopCase.)

Does this blue side-fabric bring you any memories? It is left over from MyMassageTable.

I needed something a bit thicker plus water and dirt repelling for the bottom and sides of MyLaptopCase. I went through MyStorages and found this. It matches very well!

Also the straps are recycled. They are from an old backpack. When something gets broken and can't be fixed I always take the materials I can re-use. Then I wash it all and put aside to wait recycling and new life! This is how we can help to save ThePlanetEart; not only to recycle but avoid to buy new things if we really badly don't need them.

Ta-dah! I am ready BackToSchool!

Monday, 6 August 2018


For this special card I used Lambert's Birds of Garden and Woodland book. I do like wagtails. They are so amusing birds. We see them only on the summer time here by the arctic circle.

Sunday, 5 August 2018


 I've dried CommonTansy for sachets. It is a bit poisonous and may cause troubles as eaten but it is good option for sachets to keep bugs away. 

I've also dried all kind of flowers since spring to make scents for sachets. This collection includes all the flowers I've received since Easter but also some from MyGarden.




...which backside has a different shade.


...has two different outfit.

They all are my own design.

Friday, 3 August 2018


Sometimes you have to apologize and HandMadeCard is a good way to do so. I accidentally removed all the recorded movies from our  digi-box. Something sweet and a proper apologize helps a lot to conciliate the person you have to tell what has happen when you were left home alone to use it.

PS. This card is made by using a pic from an old wall calendar.
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