Thursday, 14 December 2017

AAW GoodNightSocks

These are MyBrandNew sleeping socks. I designed and knit them to match with AAW Owl HandWarmers.

They are so warm because they are made of our own ethic produced arctic angora wool AAW. I used SingleCable to decorate them and left toe part open to let MyLittleToes to breath, not to make the socks to be so HotHotWarm and to prevent Me to walk around the house and woods wearing them all the time.

It is Special SleepyKit for Me&MySelf. A little bit of pampering MySelf by ChristmasSeason. Last time I did SleepyKit (Dream Blue) for Me&MySelf almost three whole years ago!!! I just threw it away. It has looked quite awful already for a while so I really needed a new one.
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