Thursday, 26 October 2017

ThistleTitles BookMark -tutorial

Recently I was back in business with Thistles. It is my own design and free chart is available. Here it is what I made with the ThistleTitles ChartPart. It is a very easy BookMark.

Yesterday I showed you how to do easy HotWaterBottleCover with low cost. This is the same idea. Wishing You Very Merry Christmas and blowing financial worries a bit further. Of course you don't need to use my Thistle chart to make this true. You can use any chart you wish and follow this idea.

This bookmark is cheaper to make than the previous ThistleBookMark because with this I don't use PerforatedPaper. Here I use normal Aida 14 Ct, rubber band, buckram and just a piece of left over fabric. IF you don't have buckram it is cheap to buy. But instead of it you can also use extra layer of spare fabric (rather white so that it can not be seen through).

But first: stitch the desired picture. Place it over the buckram and background fabric and cut off them to similar size.

If your buckram has glue, fasten it by ironing to both fabrics' backside (Aida and background fabric). Otherwise just iron them all.

Fasten the rubber band by few stitches to the top center part of the cross stitch picture's upper edge. The right length is a bit shorter than the height of a book.

Then pin them all together and sew them together around the cross stitch picture. Then just cut off to the right size. Watch out not to cut the rubber band!!!

To prevent the edges to fray use Decoupage lack or just normal glue. I spread it around by a small paint brush. Be sure the lack or glue you use can be washed away by the water so it will be easy to clean the brush and the mess later on. After painting the edges hang it to dry.

When it is finished you put the cross stitched part between the pages...

...and stretch the rubber band around the book. In this way the book stays closed so the book mark won't drop out.

Easy, simple and fabulous idea for book lovers!
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