Monday, 4 September 2017


If you have been following MyBlog for a while you know I have few bad habits. I destroy cards. But I do have MyExcuse and very good reason. I really do love, respect and value the cards MyStitchingFriends send me. I really appreciate the time they spent for doing so. I  save each card I get. I cherish them all but feel so sorry put aside the stitched ones after the season. That's why I have discovered to create a new life for them; to keep MyFriends far and away close to me by their crafts.

I received this fabulous beaded SnowFlake stitched on a card from DearFox. I was very touched by it and knew how to remember it always.

I used some felt, satin ribbons and BiasTape to turn it all out as a small bag. (There is a practical tutorial for HomeMade BiasTape.)

I need a loop to hang it. The loop can be fastened in the easy way with the BiasTape.

For what I make these bags? I made two on April 2016. I also stitched one this April. I have 4 bags already. I need 20 more which makes 24 all together. They are going to be MyAdventCalendar like He got His. Creating MyOwnOne seems to take time but that's ok. Meanwhile I can use His and eat His chocolate by accident. Oooops....

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