Monday, 11 September 2017

AAW Shawl -tutorial

Well, hello there! How about HomeMade ChristmasGift? I designed and crocheted a shawl for MyDearFriend but decided to open the idea here for you as a tutorial. It is very easy despite it would be your 1st ever crocheting project.

If you have not crochet before or much, click the link to see BlanketNo1 -tutorial. There is a video about it how to crochet this web. See it first.

If you have done a bit before you can jump in right here.

I use pale fog blue AAW yarn for this project. Of course you don't have it but you can use any other yarn. 100g of AAW means 238 meters and I used 250 g for this shawl but at the end it all is up to the yarn and hook size you use.

It all begins with the idea that the width of the shawl is as wide as your arms. Then it will be big enough for an adult. So you crochet chain stitches at first, then one row of single stitches and then start the web itself.

You need to find the correct rhythm which means if you are going to make the wed to be fastened to every 3rd single stitch (like I did here) you need to make the chain stitch start width that is able to be divided by 3. BUT at the end if you miss one or two it is not so serious, no one will notice the result so don't stress about it.

Bigger thing is to understand how the web begins to form out. If you fasten it to every 3rd single stitch you need 3 chain stitches and then fasten it by one single stitch to the 3rd one. By using one extra stitch compared to single stitch amount forms out smaller eyed web and so the shawl turns out thicker. If you use 2-3 extra chains instead of 1  the web hole will be bigger. If you use similar amount of stitches you won't get much web at all.

Then you just keep on the rhythm. Don't fasten the single stitches to an individual chain stitch but to the loop that has form out. In that way the web turns out more flexible and forgiving if the finished shawl happens to get fastened to the door way or something else. At the turn ups you always just leave the last one untouched so the shawl begins to form out triangle shape.

You just keep on crocheting all the way from up (shoulder line) to down (waist line). On the begin it feels never ending story but soon each turn up seems to come faster.

At the end you need to see a bit how to do it to form out the last loop. Leave the thread end to be at least 20 cm. You can hide it now or later with the knots. See OOW BabyScarf No1 if you need some help to stretch your shawl a bit. (You don't need to wash it, just see how the weights are loaded.)

Then you need to cut the certain amount and length of yarn for the tassels. I have discovered DVD covers are perfect for these. If you use just the part of it you can use the slot that's on the side edge for your fingers to get it open easier. The scissors to cut the yarn fit in perfectly!

I use 3 threads which makes 6 when you tie up the knots in this way for the shawl's tassels.

Again it is long way to go but easy. Even a beginner can do it. By making the tassels I always take in to fasten the thread end so it is hidden easily

Ta-dah! Here it is! Finished, easy and for sure will be loved for many years! Easy, low budget (depends on the yarn you use) and HandMade gift! You can do it too, I am sure!
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