Wednesday, 20 September 2017

AAW Cardigan No1

 This is not Ta-dah moment of finishing my own design AAW Cardigan No1. I finished it already in April 2017. All these months we've been waiting the autumn colors to arrive to make the pics of it for you to see! So, this is Ta-dah moment for the pics we finally made! And now also you can see my beautiful, romantic and vintage style cardigan.

It is made of our own AAW yarn (50% our own ethic produced arctic angora wool, 40% ethic produced FinnSheep wool, 10% nylon) and decorated by cables and long puffed sleeves.

On those moments when I start my mornings by cleaning the rabbit waste there seems to be no sense of having them and letting them jump around and mess up the rabbit house. But on the moments when I work with our own ethic produced angora yarn it all face its meaning and is really more than worth of it.

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