Saturday, 14 May 2016


Today's upcycling sewing started with my own design work and reading old manual of Anne. 

The manual is very useful, despite it is very old...
...and have faced damages.

Sewing went fine and Anne was very happy to have bag for Her manual. Anyway I could have picked up easier material for my first project with Her.

But Anne didn't mind. She was born in Sweden and dragged to rural Finland on the time when coffee was not everyday issue to drink even  more often than pure water! So I made bag for Her manual from old coffee bags I had saved for my crafts. (As long as I breath in MyHouse is served FairTrade and organic coffee.)

Anne was very kind, happy and hard working despite the material was new to Her.

The shades of upcycled coffee bags fit so well to Anne's shads. Don't you think so too?

Into the bag I put Her manual, transmission list from Her service (to remember what all was done to Her and when) and some fabric for test sewing moments. The bag I placed in the cabinet with Anne. I heard Her humming with satisfaction. Despite the coffee bags are washed they still have the scent of good dark coffee. Hopefully the scent will fill up the cabinet and She will have cheerful coffee scented moments in Her cabinet. She has come to life!

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