Thursday, 19 July 2018

SvalbardSnuggle (part3)

If you've been following MyBlog for a bit longer you know I love churches. In Longyearbyen there is one. Of course I had to visit it. Svalbard church is open for 24 hours but please notice it is not allowed to stay over the night or accommodate yourself in there. The church has also its own Norwegian website Svalbard Kirke.

I was amazed by the color world of this church that provide shelter every hour on each day in its extremely demanding climate. It's filled with pastel shades. Usually you meet deep and strong shades in the churches. The shades have been chosen for pastel because in that way there will be an impression of light during the long & cold Polar Night season that lasts in Longyearbyen from October the 26th to February the 15th.

In the church there are plenty of room to sit and rest and warm yourself up. I just can't stop admiring the shades and decoration they have used!

It is a very beautiful and quiet place. I really really really would like to see it on the winter time!
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