Monday, 25 June 2018


Today Helga had a headache. She could not stand up and take any single step. Oh, She was so poor. I went through all the adjustments and still after it this was all She could do! I was afraid of Her leg was broken.

I realized something was wrong with Her feeding system. I loosed the screws of the plate to see more.

If you are a first timer take a pic of  E A C H  part you do so you won't get confused with it all when putting loosed parts back. When you put the plate back it is not in the right place if the screws don't go in easily. Then you just need to move it a little bit; even if it seems to be on the right place -it is not if the screws feel difficult.

The reason for Helga's headache was obvious. Even with MyOwnEyes I saw the screws of Her feed dog were loose. I tightened them proper and that was all I did before closing Her up again.

Dear Helga started to sing again. At first I heard an extra sound. It was like a small knock every time when the feed dog worked but then it eased. I assume it was because I perhaps tightened too much or She is just old and She needed to cough a bit to get Her corset more loose.

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