Thursday, 3 May 2018

Framing No2 -tutorial

When I framed the 1st bird canvas  I promised to show you how exactly I did it. There is Framing No1 -tutorial for this same style of framing which you make traditionally by using just thread. Here I use a bit modern method.

You start it as normal by placing the canvas, frame and cardboard together.

After making it sure it all is on the right place like you want; turn up the work.

Use SilverTape to fasten the canvas on the cardboard. Remember to pull & tighten at every point. If you ask help for this, working with SilverTape is much easier. Start with the longer edges...

... and go through each corner / edge.

At the end secure & hide it all by SilverTape.

If you have background cardboard; place it at the end. Now you are finished.

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