Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Singer 14SH645

May I introduce Singer 14SH645. She is MyNewSerger. You may remember I already have Brother. But He is old, over 17 years old by now and He is still working quite well. But in My use life is quite hard and demanding for Him. For several years I have been thinking He should get retired. I also have been thinking will I buy another serger or not. The final answer is "yes", it is so practical machine. Especially is you sew a lot.

Siiri (that is Her name) was on a good sale. She feels proper machine and ready for heavy duty. I wondered why She was on such a big sale. But now I know. She had just a few items with Her. But that's all we need. Exactly enough. She has the most important features: overlock and differential feed. That is all you need from a perfect serger. Everything else you can do by a good sewing machine. Brother had a huge pack of different kind of items with Him which I -honestly- have never needed. I can do it all just with the basic equipment (but I studied textile and cloth designing -including sewing- for 4½ years at the college). For Siiri I can buy everything separately if feel need to but I already know all I will need in the future are needle packs.

You should not fear sergers. I know they have 3-5 threads and it may feel complicated. They also are fast and have a cutter. It may increase your fear. Remember you can control the speed!

Today in every modern serger has a fast guide inside. Besides today internet helps with threading. The manufactures load up videos at their homepage or on YouTube to cope with it all.

But what happens to MyBrother? He moves out to have lazy retirement days at DearMrW and BeautifulE. I will make Him a medical investigation and full cleaning operation. I have already bought pack of basic threads for His retirement. At the end of May He will move to their NurseyHome for ElderySergers.

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