Monday, 8 January 2018


 TheHoliDaySeason2017 if officially behind now. I have collected all the Christmas decoration away now... But to cherish the WinterWonderLand I left all the decorations that still are up to winter but not YuleTime. This DearLittleSnowMan I found and bought at a SecondHandShop on the last autumn. Now it has got some friends and a very own sled of his own.

There is no Christmas time without gingerbread house. This year YoungLady did it all on Her own.

She created a personal touch on it by placing a horse on the roof! She really could not resist to do so!

This Christmas I also made a gingerbread... Well, not a house but a small forest with trees, moose and hares.

GlutenFree DateCake is something we just must have over TheHolidaySeason. This time I bake three of them. One for parents-in-law, one for our YuleTable and one for a holiday season birthday party.

BoardGames are the best entertainment and they are a strong part of FamilyHolidays. Chess is one of the favourites when there's only two players available. This is very old ChessBoard. I actually bought it from Thasos, Greece almost 30 years ago! The plastic package is a bit wounded but the game itself could not be in a better shape! 

She loves YuleTime too. It is full of excitement... Sometimes too much for Her PhotoEffectiveEpilepsy. But still, just think about it: a real tree inside the house full of toys for her to play, pull out and chase after... Paper bags and boxes to hide... All those scents... And people staying all days AtHome only for Her comfort!

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