Tuesday, 2 January 2018

BrownBear PenCase

We start the New Year 2018 by opening this pen case. It is all my own design. It has beautiful lining in it and cross stitch picture for the decoration. It has recycled zipper which matches perfectly with the other materials.

I stitched my own design BrownBearWondering to decorate the pen case. You can find free chart for it here. This is a pen case but you can easily storage something else -like you small stitching projects- in it too.

In my culture the bear is also the symbol of power and strength. I wish them both to you all for the year 2018. Be safe and show your love to your family and friends at least.  Never forget to ask how they really are doing. Everyone don't cry aloud, show their troubles and difficulties but may suffer in silence without wanting to trouble the others. If you think someone is lonely, ask yourself could you do something about it.

And if you feel you are lonely and in the need of support; just try to say it aloud. For sure the are people to help you out, they just have not noticed you need them. Or they think you are already having help. Let them know and be there for you.

See My MerryChristmas -blogpost for the importance of the full attention communication.
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