Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Nostalgic Ink

Do you remember those pretty blue ink stamp figures on your school books when you succeed in task and the teacher was happy with you? Some teachers still use them. I did that too this year for my Christmas season letters. I really could not help myself!

Correspondence -penpalling as you may know it- has been my hobby f0r over 30 years. I have always decorated  my own writing papers. At 80's there still was available pretty paper for the letters at the shops. Today the changes to find one are few; meaning up here in the North. Despite we have much more shops today than back on 80's. I guess it is because writing letters seems to be disappearing folklore but it is a wonderful way to keep touch with your friends and family.

On January 2015 I did some HomeMade writing paper and decided to start to share also it with you. Also on November 2016 I did some. Of course I've done much between and after too so unfortunately everything doesn't end up here on MyBlog. But sometimes I remember to take a pic before writing and sending them away. This time I used A5 size old squared note book pads which pages have already started to turn out a bit yellow. It all looks so nostalgic. I love to use my stash for crafts.
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