Wednesday, 30 August 2017

RugRescue -tutorial

You know I took off my rag rugs from the loom. This is how I finished the edges by knots. But this is a good way to know because by this method you can make your rugs live longer. They often get frayed at both ends and I want to show you how to rescue them.

Here I unravel the extra weft that needs to be woven at each begin and end of every woven project. It secures and protects the project edges. If your rug has frayed you unravel as much weft as needed to remove the frayed part and to be able to make the knots from the warp threads.

You can take it all off at one time or little by little. If it is your first time or you are not sure will you be interrupted I do recommend you dong it little by little.

You need to secure the place and time to be able to do it. If you are a beginner one hour should be enough.

At first you need to make the knots to secure each warp thread. At the end it really doesn't matter which kind of knots you make. The point is to make the ones you can be sure about.

When you have done it all re-arrange the warp end threads back to the normal.

Then collect together certain amount of threads. Here I use six warp threads. Twine them up around your finger...

...and pull the end through. Gently tighten and secure the knot by moving it up next to the weft line.

This is just a sample of easiest knots. If you are more skill full or interested only your own imagination creates the limits of it how decorative knots you can make.

By using the table edge it is easier to measure and cut the warp end threads to be even.

When they all are exact the result will be tidy and perfect. It really gives the rug new look. If only your thread ends are frayed you can cut just them a little bit.

If you have some loose weft problems with the side edges you don't need to unravel it all.

Just get a small hook and pull it all through up and down according to the rhythm the weft has.

In this way you can hide things into the rug. they will turn out quite invisible.
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