Friday, 18 August 2017

Off the Loom

I have now finished the weaving of the other rag rug I decided to make. It is more grey than green. I used rags also to create this rug.

At the end it all is hidden in the loom so the result comes out to us all only when taking it all off.

I just cut off the warp and made temporary knots to secure the weaving. Later on I will make the proper ends for the rugs.

I also needed to separate these two rugs from each others. You just need to cut it all with scissors. Of course it is a bit frightening but it is a job which just needs to be done.

Now it all is rolled up and placed on the top of MyLoom. I've had few discussions with TheCat are these Hers or M I N E. She seems to be a bit disturbed I took them off and She lost Her brand new resting place.
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