Wednesday, 19 July 2017


I designed and knit StreetLight woollen socks for DearN and His coming Christmas 2017. Two years ago He got FinlandWoollenSocks. He liked them a lot but has overgrown from them now. He was happy when I promised to make a new pair for Him but didn't tell what kind of woollen socks they will be at this time. He goes to the school this year so traffic rules are very important now and He's been learning them well.

I used Bubble Stitches to create the street light effect on the dirt road. There is tutorial for Mosaic Bubble Stitching in MyPreviousBlogPost. On these StreetLight woollen socks the bubbles come one over the other, not interlocked like on the mosaic style, but the basic method to knit them is the same.

I used left over threads without labels from the box of yarns I inherit from MyGranny so I can't name which trademarks I used. The red and yellow yarns feel like acrylic. The green feels like Novita's 7 veljestä old quality. That sand brown yarn feels like wool mix but of course I can not be sure about any of them. The sand brown yarn feels like the one I used in BabyBlanketNo4 and BabyBlanketNo5 which DearN got last year. The sand brown I used for these socks was the only ball of that shade but on the other hand it was in the same box than the yarns I used for the blankets...

Connecting different kind of yarns for woollen socks is possible if you use them as a decoration. These kind of products you should wash carefully but with woollen products it is always done so if you don't want to felt them on purpose or accidentally.

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