Sunday, 2 July 2017

CreteDream (part2)

Pigi is a tiny little village on beautiful Crete.

Alleys get too narrow for the cars to pass by. 
Zoning may feel confusing at first but soon you will learn it.

Despite Mediterranean villages can be small, compact and built of stones and walls next to each others to block out your view to landscape and landmarks there's always a lot to see...

...and shades to fall in L O V E

Beautiful details are around you if you just keep your eyes open.

Suddenly you notice the street leads you out off the village to the country side.

 There are always interesting roads and paths to walk through
to explore the beautiful area and its nature.

 The walks lead you by ThePastures...

...and through OliveGroves. 

Remember to respect the nature 
and not to bother any of them; 
animals or plants. 
People get their living from farming 
and you don't want to cause any trouble.

Crete is full of churches. You can not avoid seeing them. This one is Timios Stavros Church and it offers a tiny and cosy church yard to rest a bit while your walk.

This one is Agios Dimitrios Church. There's also Agios Ioannis Church of which I don't have a picture but also it has a pretty shady church yard to take a rest in the middle of the small village.

If you place these three churches on your map you can find a pretty walking round trip (3-4 km) from Pigi. Remember to get some water to drink with you. It is hot and the walk includes some small hills, one steep to west from Timios Stavros Church.

Despite we like to go for a walk and walked also to the beach nearby (30-45 min walk) and also like to take a bus which is easy to use from Pigi to another places (even to the beach) you can always just rent a car or bike to get it easier for you if you are not used to exercise so much.
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