Friday, 12 May 2017


Last spring I was helping out MyMom to sort out a lot of stuff. This was one of those re-usable things we found. Well, this was pretty heart breaking to her. It is done by her mother and all broken.

The back side didn't look any better than the front side. But I took the canvas anyway and promised her to do something with it but said aloud the fact "I am afraid of re-framing doesn't come up to the question".

I tried to be as careful as I could and at the end managed to get the frame off by causing no more damages.

Immediately when I got the back side off I saw I was -unfortunately- in right. The framer had cut off the corners of the tapestry. It was cut all the way to the stitching so re-framing would make the canvas ridiculous small and vanish the picture too much.

I took the tapestry off and worked even more carefully with it. It was very dusty and I know most of people would have threw it away. But I had already got my vision.

That's why I washed it and let it dry out and dust well to get rid of that old smell it had got because of the broken glass of the frame. When it all was done I became very sure about it that the tapestry really was re-usable as I expected. No damages to the stitching.

It waited over the winter in my wardrobe. I had my vision but I needed to figure out the right way of making it true. And I did. I found vintage materials for it.

The buckles are pretty and they really are from my own collection. When something is broken and need to be thrown away I always take off re-usable materials for my craft supply collection.

The old canvas turn out to be a handbag. It is Mother's Day gift for MyMom. Now she can carry it around with her and has something to hold to memorize her mom who passed away 7 years ago.

I split the canvas in the middle of it in the horizontal line. The seam is right in the bottom. I did it to make the tapestry to be right way around on the both side. If I had not done it the figure would have been right side up on one side and upside down on the other. It would have looked pretty in that way too. But I wanted right side up on both sides.

I made even a small pocket inside the bag to be closed up by velcro to keep her purse and phone in safe. For the lining I used left over fabric MyDearFriend L gave to me.

I don't know the designer of the canvas because we didn't find the info for it. But I designed the bag and made it. It was a pretty hard stuff to sew but I finished it by Anne who was more than pleased to help me out. This would have not been possible without Her; so thick were the fastening points of the shoulder strap.

Do you remember I made also SagaBag with the same history BrokenCanvas has?

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